First I would like to thank all our clients who have given us there feedbacks and our develepors who have instilled all these ideas into our newly revamped website.

On the Go Linens 2.0 has a few new features that allow for a more user friendly website.

Clients can now choose and narrow down there choices by color and fabrics...

In the example below I have narrowed my choices in the Tablecloth Category down to Lavenders and Purples in the L'amour Satin fabric.


As well if you notice, you are able to add different types of fabrics and color to broaden your search for that special day.  

In the following days, we are continuing to add more colors and more fabrics to the website.

In an approximate three and half months, we will have more then 50 products added to the website with over hundreds of additional colors.   Within those three months, I will also be writing more blogs catering to those brides and event planners eager to know upcoming designs, patterns, and color waves.

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Best regards,

Omid Yasharpour