To our On the Go Linen family – as we have embarked in business in 2008 as a Tablecloth Provider – we have grown more and more successful as a fabric retail vendor. We strive to lower pricing and sell at an economic price.

face mask fabrics

As times have changed and our families, work, homes are facing crucial times in the 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic. It is our civil duty and right to help our clients, friends, elders, and civil duty members in these crucial times. Stay at Home. Wear a Mask. Take care of Elders. Stop Hoarding. These are all essentials to living in our time; a time where we must unite and help each other.

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We are offering fabrics at lower pricing for Face Mask. We have created a list of fabrics we feel are best suitable for making your own masks. As lives are on the lines – we offer afforadable and fast shipping. Let alone great pricing. I do ask that you help us as well in these times by sending our links to your friends and neighbors.

What we know?

Non Medical Face mask covers are essential to our daily lives. We are asked by our city councils, Mayors, and POTUS to make our own mask. Buy Local. Not abroad. As manufactures of Tablecloths prepared, cut, and sewn in Los Angeles since 2008. We understand the importance of this.

What Fabric is best?

Cottons, Poly Cotton Blends, Interfacing Pellons, Stretch Fabrics - see our Face Masks Fabrics for more.
All of the above can work well to create a face cover.

Recently Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles, California mandated a Stay Home Shelter and advice on making our own Non-Medical Face Covers. See link below with step by step implementations on how to manfuacture and create your own Masks at home. Kaiser Permanente Covid Mask Instructions. Kaiser Permanante has come out with resourceful means of making your own mask.

If you have any questions, feel free to call, email, chat with us at any time. We will respond asap in these times.