Working with Los Angeles event rental compamies, I have noticed an increase use of table linens for any project at hand.  

I personaly love the look of 1126 Silver Sequins tablecloths.  Mainly because they are a limited amount of tables and next to the cocktail bar, nothing is more beautiful then a flashy cloth to impress guest.  I have seen our New York Dazzle as a great hit for this recent "need" in events.  

For those who are on a budget - Table Runners and or Table Overlays also make a great impression with Sequins Linens.  For Overlays, I believe our Dull Square Sequins is a prime tableoverlay.  The Sequins fabric is nicely spaced on a mesh background, giving an elegant flow of Square Sequins that are dull, not shiny.  

If those who have the ability to spend money on full linens, I prefer the dull way out....Instead of filling up your guest tables with very strong and bright sequins linens....the dull sequins is a better move.  Not so strong on the eyes yet captures the attention of your guests, creating a setting that will be talked about throughout the evening and following weeks.

For Corporate events I see 1127 Black Sequins fabric as a hit!  Black sequins in the Dull Square or the New York Dazzle creates an upleveled appearance for the employees and an impressive glance for prospective clients.  We have done several Christmas parties in 2012 with the 1127 Black New York Dazzle.  Although I always suggest going dull for corporate events and or guest tables, 1127 Black tends not to create such an eye soar.  Regardless of shiny or not, 1127 black is a must.

Celebrating Bar Mitzvahs are always a tough choice for younger boys reaching there adult stages...Many would refrain from glitzy looks but we have seen an increased amount of use with Dull Square Sequins in such events.  Mainly because the sequins doesnt attract eyes in a sense where it creates an irrational setting.  1126 Silver flows well with events as such.  

Our 2012 ended strong with Weddings using the 1126 Silver or 226 Gold New York Dazzle Sequins Tablecloths for caketables.  Most event planners want to create a pop look for cake tables and or head guest tables and our sequins fabrics have been getting the job done right.  

So when planning your next event, order a sample of our Sequins fabrics....I promise, you wont go wrong.

New York Dazzle




Omid Yasharpour - Owner of On The GO Linens.