I have spoken to many future party holders, event planners, coordinators in my life and feel I have created an adequate learning curve regarding draping rooms, swagging fabric, and creating wall treatments.

Knowing what I know now, I have come to realize its all in the importance of choosing the correct fabric for the right party.  Many get confused with sheers; I mean how can one not get overwhelmed by so many Organzas, Chiffons, Voiles, and even drapery tulles.  So I will first explain the few products that are not only economic but practical in use in todays event era.

To begin, Bridal Tulles.  Also better known as Brides Vale.  A simple Nylon or also comes in 100% Polyester usually comes in 40 to 50 yard bolts with widths of 54 to 108.  These Bridal Tulles allow for easy saving tricks in swagging aisles and small jobs in particular to Bridal Showers and Childrens parties.  With so many selections of colors, Bridal Tulle is not only the most cost effective product to buy in the market but also the best bang for you buck!  @ 39.99 a bolt for 50 yards of fabric, your paying a bit under 80 cents a yard for 108" wide goods.  

http://www.onthegolinens.com/bridal-tulle-bolts  Bridal Tulle goes great with Flowers, Petals in a bunch, or swagged by itself